Free your developers by providing self-service environment management.
With env0, they can spin up or destroy an environment with one click, and easily track environment status or deployment history.

Templates & Variables
Leverage parameterized templates, allowing the same infrastructure-as-code configuration to deploy different types of environments.
Manage cascading scopes of parameter values, to allow different people to set different values.

Secrets Management
Define sensitive parameters, used to execute flows by users, without exposing their values to these users.
Store their values in an encrypted form with strict access control.
For example, an administrator can set the cloud credentials which are used whenever a user creates a deployment, without exposing them to that user.

Time-Limit Environment
Optimize cloud usage by setting a time limit for every environment, after which it will be destroyed automatically.
Manage the time limits per environment, or as a general policy.

Project-Level Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Manage environments under different organizations and projects. Maintain granular access control to environments by assigning users a per-project role.
Useful for maintaining a production space with limited access alongside a free-access Dev space.

Govern your organization's cloud usage by defining organization/project policies that control how users can consume their environments.

Planner/Approver Flow
Enforce an approval flow for changes to selected environments.
Separate the creation of a change plan from the execution of the change, and give different roles for plan creation and plan execution.

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