🕵️‍♀️ Drift Detection

One of the main challenges when managing infrastructure as code is drift.
Drift means that the real-world state of your resources is different than your actual code. This can happen if someone is adding, updating or removing resources manually or with some automation tools outside of your Terraform code. env0 can help you detect those drifts and alert you about them automatically, this is done by setting a scheduled deployment task that ends by examining the terraform plan output.

✨ Setting drift detection on the environments✨

You can set the drift detection as a schedule job to run on each of your environments inside env0, and get notified to your Slack or Teams channels when ever a drift was detected, keeping your infrastructure as code to be aligned with your actual resources in your cloud provider.


Previous Support

Although you could configure a scheduled task of drift detection before as well, now we provide additional drift event notifications.


You can learn more here how to set it up.