⚙️ Enhanced Variables Features

Managing variables with Terraform can be quite difficult. Our platform makes it easier to manage those in large scale with some really useful features like variables scope, sensitive variables, variable description and dropdown list.
We've taken this a few steps further by adding native support for HCL and JSON types, and setting variables as required or read only to help manage and protect you terraform deployments.

🎁 What's new

Keeping track of new features in all the tools you use can be difficult, and you might miss key features that can make your life a whole lot easier, and make the most of the env0 platform. Now you can know what's new in env0 from inside the application.
We will update you on each new feature that we release and you will be able to get a full overview on how to use it and what are the relevant use cases.

♻️ Rerun PR Plan

We’ve added a new feature for PR plan deployments that lets you rerun a PR plan. In case your PR plan failed due to a configuration or some manual change, instead of creating a new commit to trigger a new PR plan, now you are able to do it easily from the env0 platform.

🥳 Terraform Provider - Environment Resource

Would an Infrastructure as Code Management Platform be usable if it didn’t have it’s own Terraform Provider?
I don’t think so! The team at env0 has built a Terraform Provider to help you manage your env0 via Configuration as Code, and now added the Environment resource

📊 Organization Dashboard

One of the most common feature requests that we have heard throughout the years regarding platforms and software solutions is the need for dashboards. We are very happy to announce the new Organization dashboards that gives you a bird eye view of your IaC deployments.

🔒 Private Module Registry

Our Private Module Registry lets DevOps teams create trusted and re-usable modules while enabling versioning enforcement within their organization. You will be able to create a marketplace of private modules within your organization for your team to easily access in their Terraform code.