📎 Custom Resource Tagging

Resource tagging is an essential part when managing cloud resources - for everything from automation to cost insights, tagging enables it all. However, the actual process of tagging today is broken, requiring too much manual work with too many mistakes during it. That’s why we built Terratag to automate it all. We've been using Terratag to tag your resource in order to monitor the cost of your environments in env0, but now you can also add any custom tag you would like through the env0 platform with a simple environment variable.

✨ How To Add Custom Tags ✨

In order to add your own custom tags, all you need to do is add an environment variable named
ENV0_TERRATAG_CUSTOM_TAGS with the value you would like, so all taggable resources in your environment will be tagged with your desired custom tags.


You can read more here and also checkout our Terratag GitHub repository