đŸŽŦ Environment Without Template

env0 templates can be very useful, as they enable RBAC and reusability. However, in some cases, you may just want to connect to a repository in your VCS and skip templates for simplicity. To enable this simpler environment creation process, we added a new approach to run directly from your VCS integration without having to create a template.

✨ Creating an Environment Without a Template ✨



If you are a project planner - you must select a template for the new environment.
if you are an organization admin - you will be prompted to select between Template / VCS.

To create a new environment, all you have to do is choose a specific Project and click on the CREATE NEW ENVIRONMENT button (located on the top right corner).


Click on the VCS option to create a new environment with a direct VCS integration instead of a template.


Fill in all the required details - IaC type, VCS configuration, Variables (optional), and Environment Details (environment name, workspace name (optional - only for Terraform), Time To Live (TTL)).