🔄 Immediate Persistence of Variables Regardless of Deployment Outcome

🔄 Immediate Variable Persistence: New Feature Rolling Out on 11/01/2023

We're excited to announce an important improvement in env0, directly responding to user feedback! Starting on 11/01/2023, just two weeks from now, we're changing how we handle the persistence of environment variables in our system.

What's Changing?

Previously, your environment variables were only saved following a successful deployment. We designed this feature believing it would help revert to stable configurations if a deployment failed. However, we heard your frustrations. That's why we're changing. With the update, env0 will save your variables immediately at the time of deployment, regardless of the outcome.

Why This Matters

  • Smoother Process: No need to re-enter variables after an unsuccessful deployment. Debug and iterate faster!
  • Friendly for Beginners: Those new to Terraform will enjoy a more forgiving experience, reducing the initial friction and frustration.

Action Required

This change is coming fast, rolling out on November 1st 2023. If your workflows rely on the old behavior, it's important to adjust them. Prepare now to embrace the new approach for a smoother, more efficient experience.

Need Help?

We understand that change, while positive, can be challenging. Our team is ready to assist with any questions or support needed during this transition. Your ease of operation is our priority, and your feedback is the catalyst for these improvements.

Connect with us through our support channels. We're here to ensure this update is seamless for you.

Together, we continue to evolve env0 into the most user-friendly, efficient environment management platform available. Here's to making your deployment processes easier than ever!