🧩 New Integrations - Plugins and Sumo Logic

env0 Plugins make it easier to integrate a variety of software development lifecycle tooling with infrastructure as code, including notifications, security, policy enforcement, log forwarding, and more. Today we've added more

✨ New Plugins ✨

env0 platform offers out-of-the-box plugins that offer integrations with 3rd party tools that give you more capability on top of your infrastructure as code deployments. Here are the new plugins that we've added recently:

  1. TFLint
  2. TFSec
  3. Trivy
  4. Lightlytics
  5. Import Variable Plugin

If you'd like to see the complete list of the plugins, read more here, or learn how to create your own plugin

✨ New Log Forwarder ✨

Sumo Logic provides best-in-class cloud monitoring, log management, Cloud SIEM tools, and real-time insights for web and SaaS-based apps. env0 can send all of your deployment logs directly to your Sumo Logic account - read more here

✨ Integrations Page ✨

All of those integrations can be located in the application, under the Organization settings in the Integrations tab



Log Forwarding

Log Forwarding