🗝️ Non Admin API Keys

There are many ways to interact with the env0 platform that requires an API key for authentication and authorization. Our public API, env0 Terraform provider, and the env0 CLI. Now, with our new non-admin API key, you can provide members of your team with the ability to use API keys, while maintaining your organization's RBAC. A user API key can be created with specific project permissions, assigned to a team, and basically treated like any other user in the system.

✨ Creating a Non Admin API Key ✨

When creating a new API key from the Organization Settings page, you can now choose its role. It can be either an Admin or a User. When choosing a User, the API key will behave exactly like a user in the env0 platform. As a User type, you have control of the RBAC for that API key, specific project, or specific team it belongs to. As part of a team, it will also inherit the team's RBAC.
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