Pretty Plan

When you review your deployments to production, you can't afford to make mistakes. Even when you're fully focused, it can be very challenging to figure out exactly what changed between deployments.
The primitive logs printed by terraform plan lack useful features (which we have become used to) such as filtering capabilities and difference highlighting.
This problem is easily solved by using env0's new Pretty Plan!

Using Pretty Plan

env0 will display a summary of the resource changes on the Plan step.
To view as Pretty Plan you just need to switch the toggle on the right of the Plan step from "Text" to "Pretty", then just click on the Plan step and review your plans at ease.


Pretty Plan allows you to review your changes conveniently:

  1. search for specific resources using the search bar
  2. see which resource were added / updated / destroyed / recreated
  3. see exactly which attributes changed in every resource with highlighted diffing


The Pretty Plan feature is supported for all terraform versions >= 0.14