🔒 Private Module Registry

Our Private Module Registry lets DevOps teams create trusted and re-usable modules while enabling versioning enforcement within their organization. You will be able to create a marketplace of private modules within your organization for your team to easily access in their Terraform code.

✨ env0 - Private Module Registry ✨

Depending upon where you began your journey into Infrastructure as Code and Hashicorp Terraform, one of the most obvious features is the module registry. It really wasn’t anything talked about other than it was “there” thanks to the Terraform Registry. While I personally utilize the public registry on a regular basis, it became very clear over time that I had a need for a private Module Registry, too. Our fantastic customers and partners (and even our dev teams here) also began asking for the same thing. We are excited to deliver this highly requested feature.

The env0 Module Registry is a private registry for Terraform modules, allowing you to privately share and reuse Terraform modules within your organization.

You can read more about here:

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  2. env0 docs - Module Registry
  3. Video from Andrew Away

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