🛜 Remote Apply

Centralizing Terraform execution is a great way to make sure you have effective IaC governance. While it’s preferred that teams directly use env0 to run IaC, sometimes you just need to run a terraform apply locally.

Now, with env0 Remote Apply, you can run terraform apply locally—even with uncommitted code—and the run will be executed inside the env0 Platform, keeping with your organization policies, governance, and auditing requirements.

✨ Running a Remote Apply ✨

First, you will have to turn it on for the specific environment you'd like to remote apply

To use remote apply, your env0 environment must be configured with env0's Remote Backend. After creating a personal API key and executing the login command, every time you will run a terraform apply -auto-approve command, env0 will handle the execution.

For more information, please visit our docs.