➕ Plugins

With env0, you can keep your development organization's best practices for managing and executing Infrastructure as Code. Today we are happy to announce that we developed Plugins to make software development lifecycle tools and processes easier to integrate.

✨ Usage ✨


This is an opt-in feature

In order to use a plugin in your env0.yaml file, you need to set its version to 2. If you wish to change an existing env0.yaml file to version 2, please follow the migration guide

Using env0 plugins is done via your env0.yaml file. This is an example of how to use the OPA plugin:

version: 2
        - name: OPA
          use: https://github.com/env0/env0-opa-plugin
            path: bundle-file-path
            flags: --fail --format=raw
            query: data.example.violation[x]

Check out env0's supported plugins and integrations.

✨ Custom Plugins ✨

You can also quickly create an env0 plugin of your own. To get started:

  1. Open a new public Git repository.
  2. Create an env0.plugin.yaml file that describes and configures your plugin's execution runtime and required inputs.
  3. Use it in your env0.yaml file.

Read more about how to create a custom env0 plugin file.


Self-Hosted Agents

If you'd like to enable this feature on your self-hosted agent, please update to the latest version.

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