➕2️⃣ PR Plan and Remote Backend for Workflow

Creating a workflow is a great way to have a deployment of your infrastructure and create dependencies between different parts of your infrastructure, allowing you to easily manage your infrastructure as you scale. However, you may want to have different variables and settings for each part, so today you can do it when creating or deploying a new Workflow. Now we have two new enhancements when working with Workflow environments.

✨ Remote Backend In Your Sub Environments ✨

When creating a workflow you are now able to set it to use env0's remote backend. That will make all its terraform sub environment use env0's remote backend as well. Note that all the rules regarding workspace names for templates and remote backend within env0 organizations still apply.

✨ PR Plans for Workflow Environments ✨

By creating a Pull Request that targets your workflow environment, you can execute Plan on changes to your branch!

It will trigger the Plan for all deployed environments that contain your workflow environment. Any change to the workflow file won't take effect

env0 will comment and set a commit check for each environment separately so you can keep track of the changes you made!

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