🗄 Private Provider Registry

As more and more organizations adopt Infrastructure as Code, managing third-party providers has become a critical challenge. While the open-source community has created an enormous variety of providers, many enterprises have unique requirements that require custom-built providers or specialized third-party solutions.
That’s where env0's new Private Provider Registry feature comes in. With it, you can easily manage your Terraform providers privately across your organization.

✨ Creating A Provider ✨

As an env0 admin, you should have permission to create a provider. navigate to Registry on the navigation bar, and click the Providers tab. There you will see the Create New Provider button

✨ Managing Provider's Versions ✨

You can see instructions on how to use a provider, and a list of its supported versions and platforms by clicking its card and opening the provider page

To learn how to set up the provider's versions fully, check out our Provider Registry docs.

By using env0's Private Provider Registry, you can ensure that your providers remain secure and proprietary, while still enabling your team to easily manage and share them across your organization.