👷🏻‍♂️Managing Terragrunt Version

Managing software versions of your Infrastructure as code framework is one of the basic aspects when managing your deployment and code. This becomes more complex when dealing with Terragrunt, as this requires managing both Terraform and Terragrunt versions and making sure they are aligned for each Template you have. Now you can control your Terragrunt version at the template level as well as your Terraform code.

✨ Setting Terragrunt Version✨

Until recently there were only two options to define a Terragrunt version:

  • Using the "ENV0_TERRAGRUNT_VERSION" variable.
  • Using a version file.

Now we enable choosing the Terragrunt version in the template wizard, in a similar fashion to the Terraform version. For more information click here.



Additional Support

Specifying a desired Terragrunt version is also possible with our API and Terraform Provider