🎯 Introducing: Targeted Deployments

Targeting resources and modules allows us to pinpoint exactly what needs to be changed instead of deploying a whole environment. Such selective deployments minimize risks associated with broader changes, ensuring that updates are precise and efficient.

πŸ›œ Remote Apply

Centralizing Terraform execution is a great way to make sure you have effective IaC governance. While it’s preferred that teams directly use env0 to run IaC, sometimes you just need to run a terraform apply locally.

🀳🏑 Self Hosted Remote State

When orchestrating your infrastructure with Terraform, accessing the state of a remote backend environment securely is a common need. There are instances where safeguarding this sensitive information in house or in a specific region is needed.

πŸ“Š Usage Dashboard

Exciting news! We've just launched the πŸ“Š Usage Dashboard, a handy tool to keep tabs on your system's usage without the headache.

☒️ Breaking Change to Parent and Sub Projects Variables Behaviour

We're happy to announce that starting Dec 10th, variables defined in projects would cascade down to their sub projects.
Environments would not receive only the variables of the project they're defined in, but also the variables of any ancestor project.

πŸ› οΈ BREAKING CHANGE - incoming traffic from env0 extended IP list

The env0 engineering team is dedicated to enhancing the system for increased stability and resilience. As part of our ongoing efforts, we have expanded our resources across more Availability Zones (AZs) and regions, ensuring rapid recovery in the event of a complete AZ or region failure.

πŸ” Easy OIDC Authentication Integration

Usually to authorize yourself in a deployment in env0 you will need to create a deployment credential and assign that credential to the relevant project. That requires keeping long lived credentials in env0.
To avoid that you can use OIDC credentials which are being generated per deployment so you can use short lived credentials. Now you can use OIDC credentials directly by creating an OIDC credential (which requires no sensitive data) and assign that credential to a project and all the setup for the deployment will be done.
You will still need to configure the OIDC provider (AWS, Azure, GCP, Vault etc).
Read more about it here

πŸ”„ Immediate Persistence of Variables Regardless of Deployment Outcome

πŸ”„ Immediate Variable Persistence: New Feature Rolling Out on 11/01/2023

πŸ”“ Official OpenTofu Support

We're excited to announce that OpenTofu is now natively supported by env0!

πŸ’΅ Budget Notifications

With the env0 platform, you can automatically tag all your resources and monitor your cloud spending in various ways. You can now set up a budget per project to track spending and get notified when the cost surpasses your chosen thresholds. Simply configure your budget limit per week, month, or year, and the thresholds you want to receive notifications.