đŸĒĩ Log forwarding to Splunk, Datadog and Logz.io

Centralized log systems have been around for a long time, and in today's world they are more than just log aggregators. Metrics, traces, analytics, and other valuable tools are all rolled up into logging systems. Today we've created an integration between env0 and three major platforms — Splunk, Datadog, and Logz.io — to forward all of your infrastructure deployments from env0, giving you the ability to monitor, track and analyze logs with the power of these great tools.

✨ Setup up the integration in the env0 platform ✨

The configuration in env0 is really easy and simple:

  1. Splunk integration
  2. Datadog integration
  3. Logz.io integration

env0 deployment logs inside Splunk


env0 deployment logs inside Datadog logs


env0 deployment logs inside Logz.io