Datadog Log Management offers simple yet powerful tools for teams to transform disparate, unstructured streams of raw log data into centralized, structured datasets.
env0 has the ability to send all of your deployment logs directly to your Datadog account.


Here are the steps to configure it:

  1. Generate an API key in your Datadog account using this guide
  2. In the env0 platform you will need to configure the following environment variables in any scope you would like to have them:

Environment variable name




The API key value you've created. This is for authentication against your Datadog account



Specify a Datadog host. You should put only the host and not the full url - for example, if you are using an EU region Datadog account, you can specify a different host like

You can read more here.

No - Default:


Specify the port endpoint for your Datadog host. Datadog supports both TCP and HTTPS endpoints.

You can read more here.

No - Default:10516

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