Authenticating the agent on Azure AKS

If your agent runs on an Azure AKS cluster, you can leverage the following method to assign an Azure AD identity to your env0 deployments.

Using workload identity

You can associate an IAM role with a Kubernetes Service Account (KSA). The KSA that will be used by env0 is the default KSA under the env0-agent namespace.

You'll need to follow the Azure guide - Deploy and configure workload identity on an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster . The SERVICE_ACCOUNT_NAMESPACE will be env0-agent and the SERVICE_ACCOUNT_NAME will be default.

If you override these parameters in your installation, please make sure to use the correct values, i.e. pass the correct name of the service account to deploymentJobServiceAccountName within the agent's helm values.

Now, in order for the pods to use the identity, they should be labeled with azure.workload.identity/use: "true". To achieve this, you need to add into the podAdditionalLabels field of your agent's helm values those field and value.


  "azure.workload.identity/use": "\"true\""

Configuring Terraform to use an AKS workload identity

Follow this official azurerm provider guide - terraform registry documentation .

Access Key Vault secrets

If accessing sensitive values stored in Azure Key Vault is required during your deployments, you should also accomplish this optional step from the AKS guide - Grant permissions to access Azure Key Vault

Verifying the cluster is configured properly

Once the cluster is configured for using the workload identity, you can run this command from a pod on it to validate all the correct parameters are exported correctly: az login --service-principal -u $AZURE_CLIENT_ID -t $AZURE_TENANT_ID --federated-token $(cat $AZURE_FEDERATED_TOKEN_FILE).

The pod will need the correct labels for the namespace, service account, and azure.workload.identity/use: "true".

If the command ran without error, you may also check the Key Vault access with the following command az keyvault secret list --vault-name <YOUR VALUT NAME>