Setting Up a New Environment

env0 provides two approaches for creating a new environment:

  1. based on a pre-defined Template
  2. based on a direct VCS integration

env0 Templates can be very useful as they allow reusability and RBAC, however in some cases you may want to simply connect to your VCS directly without using Templates to avoid unnecessary complexity.

Both approaches will result in a complete env0 environment with all of the available features so you can choose the approach that most fits your style and use case.



If you are a project planner - you must select a template for the new environment.
if you are an organization admin - you will be prompted to select between Template / VCS.

To create a new environment all you have to do is choose a specific Project and click on the CREATE NEW ENVIRONMENT button (located on the top right corner).

Based On a Pre-defined Template

This choice is great for you if you want to use env0 templates with all of their benefits.

To run an environment based on pre-defined template, follow these short instructions:

  1. Select your desired Template.
  2. set environment details: environment name, workspace name (optional - only for Terrafrom), Time To Live (TTL) , Variables and Terragrunt Working Directory (only refers to Terragrunt Templates, optional).

Based On a Direct VCS Integration

This choice is great for you if you don't want to overwhelm yourself with the concept of env0 templates - just connect to your VCS and deploy.

To run an environment based on a direct VCS integration, follow these short instructions:

Fill in all the required details - IaC type, VCS configuration, Variables (optional) and Environment Details (environment name, workspace name (optional - only for Terrafrom), Time To Live (TTL)).


Import existing environment (for Terraform only)

You may import an existing Terraform environment by specifying the Workspace Name

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