Workflow Triggers

Workflow Triggers in env0

env0 allows you to configure chained dependent environments to your current environment. Using workflow triggers, you can define which environments would trigger a deployment downstream in response to a deployment of your current environment. This allows you to configure a cascading series of environment deployments.

Workflow triggers can be configured by Project Deployers and are viewable to all users.


Workflow triggers are operational only upon a successful deploy (and not destroy) and can be set only to an active environment. (i.e the triggered environment must be active)

How to set Workflow Triggers

Go to your existing Environment in env0, and head over to the Settings tab.
Under the Workflow Triggers card you can see a table that consist of all the triggered environments.

  • To add a new workflow trigger, simply use the Add New Trigger dropdown to select any active environment in your project.

  • To remove an existing workflow trigger, use the Trash icon next to the relevant trigger.

Hit Save to persist your changes.


Workflow Triggers Card