Sub Projects

As your organization's IaC use grows, you might find that a single hierarchy level Project level is insufficient to organize all resources and domains. Sub Projects help you better organize your Projects, Environments, and configurations within your organization.

Sub Projects have similar configurations to Projects but are nested within other Projects. Each Sub Project may have its own Environments, Templates, Variables, etc. Users may be assigned different Roles for different Projects in a given hierarchy, e.g. only view a parent Project, but run plans under a Sub Project.

Navigating to a Sub Project

Projects Page

The Organization's Projects Page shows Projects that don't have a parent. Clicking on the Project will make it the Active Project and will bring it to its own Sub Projects page if there are any, or to its Environments page. When clicking on another Sub Project the same rules apply - if there are more Sub Projects you'll be able to navigate into them and when there are no more Sub Projects the environments are shown

Projects Menu

The menu shows only Projects without a Parent Project. Projects containing Sub Projects will have an arrow next to them. Hovering on the project will show you its Sub Projects. That way you can use the projects menu to access any project in your organization

When choosing a Project, you may navigate to its Sub Projects page from the menu.

Creating a Sub Project

In the Sub Projects page clicking on Create New Sub Project will allow you to create a sub project, similarly to when you create a standard Project. The created Project will be a Sub Project of the current active Project.

RBAC for Sub Projects

Each Sub Project inherits the Roles from its parent Project up to the root Project.

If a user doesn't have the "View Project" permission to view for a parent Project, but does have it on the Sub Project, the user may navigate the project using the menu items, with hovering over the ancestor Projects until the relevant project appears in the menu. Users are not allowed to click and navigate to any project they lack the "View Project" permission for.


Variables, associated Credentials and Templates, Policies, and configured Notifications only affect the Project in which they are configured, and not affecting any Sub Project under said Project. As for Costs, each Project takes into account its own Environments only, without any Environment in its Sub Projects.