env0 can send notifications for deployment events to your Slack or Microsoft Teams workspace.
You can define several Notification Targets, corresponding to different channels.
You can also associate these Notification Targets to different env0 projects, controlling which events go to which channel.

To Configure your notification please follow the Slack or Microsoft Teams integration, and afterward, follow the steps below :point-down:

Configuring Notifications

Add a Notification Target

:lock: Only organization Admins can set up new Notification Targets.

  1. Navigate to your Organization Settings, and open the Notifications tab
  2. Click on Add Notification Target
  3. Enter any name you'd like, chose the Slack or Microsoft Teams type, and enter the Webhook URL you saved earlier under Webhook URL
  4. Click Add Notification Target to save

Configure your project to send notifications

:lock: Only project Admins can configure project notifications

  1. Navigate to your Project Settings, and open the Notifications tab.
  2. Find the Notification Target you've previously added and click on the edit icon (:pencil2:) next to it.
  3. Select the events you'd like to get notified of, from this project to this notification target.
  4. Click Save