Self Hosted Remote State

Self Hosted Remote State

In situations where it's crucial to store the state within your account rather than env0's account, env0 enables you to effortlessly store your environment's state in any preferred AWS bucket.

The ability affects only env0 remote backend environments. Using regular S3 backend within your Terraform configurations is still supported and requires the relevant credentials.


Secured Default Storage in env0

Please note that the default env0 storage is inherently secure, with encryption measures and SOC-II compliance. It's important to highlight that access to this default storage is restricted, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Creating the needed resources for your state bucket

To facilitate env0's access to your stored state, it's essential that you first create this module.

Subsequently, following the module deployment, you can contact our support team, specifying the outputs for role_arn, external_id, region, and bucket_name. This step allows us to configure your organization's remote state, ensuring it is now exclusively stored in your chosen bucket.



  • Once configured, affects all env0 remote backend environments
  • Existing env0 remote backend environments will require a migration to start using the new bucket - contact our team regarding the process