Create Your Organization

Everything in env0 happens under the scope of an Organization . When you first login, you will be in the “Demo organization”, which is a shared organization that allows you to try out the system.

Your user has limited access to the “Demo organization”, so we will start by creating a new organization, where you will have full access.

  1. In the bottom left corner, click on Create Organization
Create First Organization DialogCreate First Organization Dialog

Create First Organization Dialog

  1. Enter the Name for your organization. Organization names are unique across the system, so you may have to modify it if it's already being used.
  1. You can enter a description and logo as well, but those are optional, and can be added later.
  2. Click Create Organization

That’s it! You are now logged in to env0 using your own organization. You are the organization administrator, so you have full access to everything in it.

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