Hosting the Deployment Logs

By default, the deployment logs are stored in env0, in a dedicated DynamoDB table per customer.
If you'd like, you can store the logs in your own AWS account.

The following page will explain how to do so

AWS - Hosting the Deployment Logs in DynamoDB

  1. Contact the env0 sales team, and supply them with the the region and AWS account ID in which the logs should be stored
  2. Once your self hosted configuration is prepared, you would be able to download a values.yaml file from the agents tab in the organization settings page. This file contains values necessary for the agent installation. One of those values is alternativeLogLocation.dynamoWriterExternalIdEncoded. This is a base64 encoded externalID that env0 will use when reading and storing the deployment logs. Base64 decode the external ID, you will need it for the next step
  3. On your AWS account, deploy the env0 log table terraform module. This module creates the table on your account, and the role which env0 will assume when reading and writing the logs. For the variables, make sure to add the following data
  • external_id - The base64 decoded external ID from the previous step
  • agent_key - The unique env0 agent identifier supplied to you
  1. Now you are done creating the necessary resources for hosting the deployment logs in your own dynamodb table. Once you finish your kubernetes agent installation, the deployment logs will be written there