Bulk Operations

As your organization gets larger, and your projects contain more and more environments, running some operations on many environments at once can be a cumbersome task. That's where env0's bulk operations feature can come in handy.

Running a Bulk Operation

Running a bulk operation is very simple:

  1. Navigate to your Project Environments page.
  2. Click the kebab menu button on the top right of the list and pick Toggle selection mode
  1. Check the environments you would like to run the operation on and click Perform Action


Cross-Project Bulk Operations

The selection phase can be done also from Organization Dashboard page, in case you would like to run the operation on environments across multiple projects

  1. The bulk operations wizard will appear, on which you will have to choose the operation you would like to run

The supported operations are:

  1. Deploy
  2. Destroy
  3. Approve a plan
  4. Cancel a plan
  5. Lock
  6. Unlock
  7. Cancel queued deployments
  8. Running a task
  9. Mark as inactive.

For some operations, such as Deploy, you can edit some of the request settings on the Details step. In case there is nothing to edit, you will be taken straight to the Summary step.

In the Summary step, you can review and approve your operation. Just click Done when you are ready to start the bulk operation

That's it!

The operation you choose will now be executed across all your selected environments simultaneously.