New Relic

New Relic logs enable you to easily deploy log management with simplified log forwarding to search and correlate logs from on-prem or in-cloud sources.


The integration with New Relic uses the Log API. Here are the steps to configure it:

  1. Follow the New Relic guide to generate an License-Key which also refers to as Api-Key
  2. Choose the correct URL you would like to use:
    1. US -
    2. EU -
    3. FedRamp -
  3. In the env0 platform you will need to configure the following environment variables in any scope you would like to have them:
Environment variable nameCommentMandatory
ENV0_NEW_RELIC_API_URLThe URL you would like to get logs to. You can choose between US, EU, and Fedramp. Follow this guide to determine it, but make sure you only take the base URL (without the log/v1 suffix)Yes
ENV0_NEW_RELIC_API_KEYLicense-Keyor Api-Key- Follow this guide to generate an API KeyYes