env0 can be integrated with a variety of tools and workflows to accommodate your needs and to integrate with your current toolset and workflows.


Send deployment notifications to your messaging platform.
env0 can send notifications to various tools:

For more details see this


env0 can seamlessly send your entire deployment logs to various platforms:

API Reference

To integrate with your current workflows, env0 offer a full REST API. The env0 API is published Here

CLI Tool

To integrate with your CI tools for creating and managing your IaC deployment, env0 offers a CLI tool. Written in NodeJS, you can install it via npm.

For a detailed README, check out the github repository.

env0 Terraform provider

If you wish to configure env0 using Terraform, you can do it using our own provider.
You can also check out the GitHub repository and the progress of that project here.
Feel free to open an issue, a feature request or contribute your own PR.