Coralogix is a SaaS platform that analyzes log, metric, and security data in real-time and uses machine learning to streamline delivery and maintenance processes for software providers.
env0 has the ability to send all of your deployment logs directly to your Coralogix account.


For this setup, you'll need 2 things from Coralogix - your private key, and your cluster url.

To get your private key - click on the "copy" button, on the top right corner, right under "private key"
To find out your cluster url - log into coralogix, and note your address's top-level domain (the suffix), then - match it using the following table (reference):

SuffixCluster URL

Finally, in the env0 platform you will need to configure the following environment variables in any scope you would like to have them

Environment variable nameDescriptionMandatory
ENV0_CORALOGIX_TOKENYour Coralogix private key.
A unique ID that represents your company. The private key can be found under ‘settings’ -> ’send your logs’. It is located in the upper right corner
ENV0_CORALOGIX_APP_NAMEThe name of your environment, for example, a company named “SuperData” would probably insert the “SuperData” string parameter or if they want to debug their test environment they might insert the “SuperData– Test”.Yes
ENV0_CORALOGIX_SUBSYSTEM_NAMEYour application probably has multiple components, for example: Backend servers, Middleware, Frontend servers etc. in order to help you examine the data you need, inserting the subsystem parameter is vital.Yes