Teams allow you to manage permissions across your env0 organization more easily by setting a role for an entire group of users as a single entity. Assigning a team's role is now available across all scopes, including organization, project, and environment levels, offering great flexibility and control.

A team belongs to a single Organization. Teams are managed at the Organization Settings level, and are not shared between multiple organizations

Creating a Team

In order to create a team, you must be an Organization Admin.

  1. Go to Organization Settings
  2. Click on the Teams tab.
  3. Click the Add Team button
  4. Fill in the team's name and description
  5. Click Confirm to create the team.

Managing Members

To manage team's members, go to Organization Settings, and then to Teams tab.

  1. Click on the "Users" icon next to the team you would like to change.
  2. You will now be redirected to the "Manage Team" page, which lets you edit the team's information, and manage the members of the team.


Adding Users to a Team

Only existing users in the Organization may be added as team members - to add new users to your organization follow the Users Management guide

Managing Team Access to a Project

Either an Organization Admin or a Project Admin can manage the access of members, or teams, of your organization to a project.

This role will cascade into every member of the team. See Users & Roles for more information on roles.


Users With Multiple Roles

In the case a user is assigned to a project with multiple roles (such as being the member of two different teams who each have a different role), then the highest permission role for that project will take precedence.

To modify permissions on a project

  1. Go to Project Settings, and then to the Teams tab.
  2. You will see all teams for the organization, assign your desired Teams to the project by clicking the check mark and picking a role for that team from the dropdown.
  3. Click on Save when you are done