Policies Overview

Policies are used to regulate cloud usage within an organization. Organization Administrators can define policies at the Organization level, that apply to all users for all projects in the organization.

env0 supports both runtime and deployment policies as described below.

Runtime Policies

Runtime policies are native policies in the env0 system that are consistently monitored and enforced against environments on an ongoing basis, while they are running.

Runtime policies include

Additional runtime policies will be added soon. Organization Administrators can manage runtime policies in the Settings tab on the main screen, under Policies (this tab is only visible to Organization Administrators).

Deployment Policies

Environments are checked against Deployment Policies, only when deploying or redeploying an environment (whenever changes may be made to the environment) to ensure compliance against security, governance, or other standards.

Deployment Policies are based on the Open Policy Agent (OPA) framework and are invoked at the appropriate deployment stage using the Custom Flows feature.

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