Do Not Report Skipped Status Check

When Plan on Pull Request is enabled, for every commit of a Pull Request, we report a commit status check based on the status of the associated PR Plan that ran in env0. See Plan on Pull Request for more info on commit statuses.

By default, if there was a PR commit that didn't include any changes that are relevant to the env0 environment, because the commit doesn't include changes in a file that is part of the glob pattern or template directory, then env0 reports the commit as status "skipped" in GitHub, or "success" in other VCS-es.

Marking the commit as "skipped" allows you to set those status checks as "required" in your VCS.
However, for some use-cases you might want env0 not to set those status checks as "skipped". For example, if you have a lot of env0 status checks on your PR that you don't want to see there.

For that, we have the "Do not report skipped status checks" policy. When setting it, env0 will not create the status checks at all, instead of marking them as "skipped".

Setting the policy could be very helpful for a monorepo setup that includes many Templates, for example.


Required Status Check

If you want to make an env0 status check be required in your VCS - you can't use this policy. If a PR Plan is not run and this policy is checked, then we won't create a status check at all, and merge will be blocked

Configure this policy in Organization Settings -> POLICIES


Setting this policy can help avoid the following situation in your pull requests:


Pull Request status checks