Variable Sets

Variable Sets offer a convenient solution for organizing frequently used or closely related variables into cohesive groups. These groups can then be linked to an entire Organization or to specific Projects, Templates, Workflows, or Environments that require access to their values

Overall, Variable Sets can be used to store important configuration as a single unit. For instance, you might create a Set named "RDS Settings," encompassing the default and commonly used values of your RDS instances and assign it to all of the environments that manage RDS instances. This approach ensures variables are defined once and utilized only where needed, promoting efficiency and consistency across your workflows.

View Variables Sets

Variable Sets can be defined within one of two scopes:

  • Organization: Sets created at this level are available for assignment to any entity within env0, including that same Organization or all Projects, Templates, Workflows, and Environments.
  • Project: Sets created within a specific Project can be assigned to any sub-entity of that Project, such as sub Projects, Workflows, or Environments.

To view your Variable Sets, navigate to the Variables section in the navigation menu, either within the Organization or Project context, and then click on the "SETS" tab.

Create a Variable Set

Variable Sets can be created on two scopes: Organization and Project.

To create a new Variable Set, follow these steps:

Click on the "CREATE NEW SET" button located in the upper right corner. This action will open a modal window.
In the modal window, proceed through two steps:

  1. Define the Set's name and provide an optional description.
  2. Define the variables within the Set.

Assign a Variable Set

Assigning a Variable Set can be done on multiple levels - can be assigned to an Organization/Project/Template/Workflow/Environment.

The variables table for any of the mentioned entities contains a selector that allows you to mark the sets you would like to use.

Override Set's Variables

Similar to any other variable in env0, you can override the variables within a Variable Set.