Add a new SSH Key to your Organization

To create a new SSH key in your organization scope, go to your organization's Settings page and select the SSH Keys tab.

The "SSH Keys" screen shows your existing SSH keys that are associated with your organization. The table shows the SSH key name in your organization and the user who initially created this key.

To create a new SSH key for your organization,

  1. Enter your Organization Settings page, and go to the SSH Keys tab
  2. Click + Add SSH Key
  3. Choose any name that will help you recognize this key in the future and enter it in the Name field
  4. Paste the private key you generated in step 1, into the SSH Key Value box.
  5. Click Add SSH Key

Generating SSH keys is vendor-specific and you can read more about this here -

Associate an existing SSH Key with your Template

After creating an SSH Key in your organization, you can now associate this key with your template. The environment created from that template would be able to use its associated keys during its run to establish SSH connectivity.

To associate a key with a template:

  1. Go to the organization's Templates page.
  2. Click the Settings button of your desired Template.
  3. The Template Settings screen includes an SSH Keys dropdown. Associate your desired SSH key with your template
  4. Click the Save button to commit your changes.

Associate an existing SSH Key with your VCS Environment

The steps are similar to the template association, but in order to modify the environment, click on the kebab menu placed at the top right corner of the environment page.