Google Cloud Logging

Google Cloud Logging empowers customers to manage, analyze, monitor, and gain insights from log data in real time.
env0 has the ability to send all of your deployment logs directly to Google Cloud Logging.


Here are the steps to configure it:

  1. Create a service account with permissions to write logs 'Logs Writer'
  2. In the env0 platform you will need to configure the following environment variables in any scope you would like to have them:
Environment variable nameDescriptionMandatory
ENV0_GCP_PROJECT_IDGoogle cloud project id. inside this project, the logs will be storedYes
ENV0_GCP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_CREDENTIALService account credential file - Copy-Paste of the file payload (JSON format).Yes
ENV0_GCP_LOG_NAMELogs will be stored under this log nameNo - Default: env0-deployments