Time To Live (TTL)

Time-to-live is the amount of time before env0 automatically destroys the environment (if it is Active).

When users create or redeploy an environment they can set the environment's time-to-live. TTL Policies define the default and maximum time-to-live values for environment.
Those TTL limits do not apply to admins.
Administrators can set the policies at Organization or Project level.


The Maximum TTL limit, is relative to the creation time of the environment and not to the time of any deployment.


TTL policies on the Organization level

On the Project level, you can choose to use the organization's settings or override them.


TTL policies on the Project level


An infinite time-to-live means the environment will never be destroyed automatically. This is useful for static environments like staging or production, but is not recommended for development environments.

Update Environment TTL

In order to update a specific environment's time-to-live definition, go to that environment's page, and in the info card, click on the pen icon near the Time Left label to update the TTL.